Jaldi shadi ka upaye

Jaldi shadi ka upaye, “Commonly, we need to face hindrances in marriage, the intensifying thing deteriorates. Such a large number of times we don’t have connections. How about we know, a portion of the measures which will be overcome by deterrents identified with your marriage will be overcome. What’s more, you’re wedding will be brisk So let us recognize what you ought to and ought not do.

Consistently, include a squeeze of turmeric in the shower water and clean up, the likelihood of marriage is made soon.

Continuously wear a few or any yellow material in your body. You can likewise have a yellow napkin with you.

Each Wednesday, revere Master Ganesha, Vermor, Rori Bada … light and incense appear. Offer awful grass, and yellow laddus require. Try not to eat salt on that day Remember that this pooja begins with Shukla Paksha.

Put a little peepal plant in a pot. Water the peepal plant each day and show Agarbatti. Begin this work additionally in the Shukla party

Encourage the dairy animals each Thursday, take a little jaggery and gram dal alongside it.

Never affront the elderly.

Those young men who are experiencing difficulty in marriage, serenade “Klee Krishna Govinday Gopisanvallabhoy Swaha” consistently 108 times each day. And also

“Spouse ought to be regarded concerning her better half. Tarini Durga Sansarasagarsee Kolodhavam .. Likewise serenade this mantra 108 times each day.

Remain in such a room, which brings common light for the duration of the day. The shade of the room may not be miserable.

In the event that somebody comes to discuss marriage, then sit in such a way. The general population who came there don’t see the entryway.

At the point when the young lady goes to the marriage of another young lady, take a little sensitivity from the hands of the lady in the hands of the young lady.

The kid or young lady who is not hitched ought not have any stuff or garbage under the bed.

Consume ghee light each day at night with basil plants and banana plants. Consistently, recount Shirsukh and Mansukhut.

If it’s not too much trouble read “Argalastram” from ‘Durga Saptashati’ consistently.

Whatever measures you bring with finish confidence, on the grounds that with no confidence everybody will fizzle. Put stock in yourself and trust in God as well.

Water the banana plant each day, on Thursday consume the light close to the banana plant.

On the off chance that you are requesting, and thus your marriage is experiencing issues, then you ought to present Chandika Stotra each Tuesday. What’s more, on Sundays, you ought to peruse the delightful book.

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